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Our story

The Lutheran Association for the Development and Universalization of Social Rights (Pro Ludus – O Caminho) , in the Lutheran Community of Gravatá (PE), linked to the Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil (IECLB), is the successor organization of activities previously developed by the project. “The Way” , created in 1996.


The association was founded in January 2005, with the intention of developing priority activities in the care of children and adolescents, actions to strengthen organizations and social initiatives in the Novo, Cruzeiro and Riacho do Mel neighborhoods.


. There is a huge deficiency in the implementation of public policies in the neighborhoods, as well as the lack of leisure and opportunities for children, adolescents and young people, which has mainly contributed to the increase in socio-family violence and drug abuse._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


In an attempt to mitigate these situations of social vulnerability, we seek to promote continuous actions of access to education, through the Toy Library, which playing has as a didactic and methodological instrument in the teaching-learning process. We prioritize attention to health, sports, leisure and the preservation of the environment with actions aimed at citizen education.

The projects already developed were: (1996 to 2004) O Caminho, (2004) Hip Hop – Music and dance overcoming violence, (2004) Formation of entertainers, (2004) Desafio Diaconia – Department of Diaconia of the IECLB, Project O Lúdico como Instrument of Inclusion, (2007) Support for Play as an Instrument of Inclusion, (2011) Support for Grupo de Teatro do Caminho, (2011) - Play as an Instrument for Inclusion II, (2012) Intervene to Change Reality – Part I. Our partnerships: Evangelical Parish of the Lutheran Confession of Recife, IECLB, Center for Integral Child Care - CAIC, Capoeira N'golo Group, Brot Für Die Welt (Bread for the World - Austria), Lutheran Communities of Weyhe and Tellingstedt, Lutheran Foundation of Diaconia, Gravatá City Hall and Diaconia.

organograma da pro ludus

Institutional Board of Directors - Board of Directors

• Maria José do Nascimento Soares – President
• Gleizy Irene Lopes Gueiros de Melo – Vice President
• Simone Severina de Oliveira –  Treasurer
• Waldemir da Silva Lira – Vice Treasurer
• Terezinha Maria da Silva – Secretary
• Erivaneide Sebastiana de França – 2nd Secretary

Fiscal Council

• Maria Ester Gomes
• Lídia Ferreira da Silva
• Williane dos Santos Barbosa
• Adriana Josefa da Silva Neves – Substitute
• Vital Medeiros de Melo – Substitute

• Norma Suely Gomes de Melo - Substitute

Collegiate coordination

foto da coordenadora pedagógica

Josefa Silva

Political Pedagogical Coordinator

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-22 at 13.00.12.jpeg

Rutiane Silva

Financial coordinator

Partnerships and articulations

•  Child and Adolescent Council Seat of the Municipality of Gravatá;

• Social Assistance Council;

• IECLB - Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil

• Evangelical Community of the Lutheran Confession of Gravatá

• Capoeira N'golo Group

• Weyhe Lutheran Community – Germany;

• Lutheran Community of Tellingsted – Germany;

• Lutheran Diaconia Foundation – FDL;

• Gravatá City Hall - (Employees assigned);

• Hip hop

• Gravatá CSO's Network

• Diakonia Network

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